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Sane WORKOUTS for WOMEN in their OVER 40's
FREE GUIDE: The doable exercise I do, for women who want to look & feel good while not jumping around like a lunatic. #goodbyehiit

Fitness & Workouts for Women Over 40: What you need to know about effective exercise to get and stay fit past 40

This page is a WIP guys. Work in progress. As I continue to workout and enter 40 and beyond, I’ll be updating this page with all my real-life learnings for women’s fitness after 40.

My goal over the next couple of years is for Inspireful Women to become an entire fitness workout program for women in their over 40’s and almost 40’s, designed with what I’ve learned about our unique needs.

Doesn’t it kind of annoy you how so many websites you come across in your google searches these days spit out super vague generic information that isn’t based on real life experience? Like, “drink 8 glasses of water a day, don’t eat too many calories, and exercise.”

Thank you google. What would I do without you?

That’s not the type of info you’ll find here ladies. I’m here to get nitty-oh-so-gritty with you.

As a woman who once knew nothing about the details of nutrition and exercise, to then learning (some) of it, I feel like I can answer questions and share stuff with you that you’ve likely wondered or not known, just like I did at one time.

Why exercise + women over 40 needs it’s own approach.

Us ladies in our almost 40’s and over 40’s have VERY different needs and aspirations than our 20 and 30 year old counterparts.

Basically, we don’t have as much energy, our body gets hurt more easily, and we want more peacefulness in our lives

Here’s what I’m like right now at 39 – does any of this sound like you?

  1. I really don’t feel like jumping around intensely to jarring club music anymore.
  2. Plus it hurts my joints.
  3. My ankles feel stiff these days. I can’t just start jogging or jumping up and down without tweaking my ankles.
  4. I want to exercise and be fit, but not at the cost of a super stressful overly-scheduled life.
  5. I’m basically OVER rushing and stressing and being intense.
  6. When I see IG and FB ads of workout programs, they are inevitably moving very very fast, their legs are lifting very very high, and I feel tired just looking at them.
  7. I get injured really easily these days! Pulling garden weeds somehow leads me to pulling an elbow tendon. Painting a room somehow leads to pulling the other elbow tendon. Taking 1 step down when I’m not warmed up enough somehow leads to pulling a hamstring tendon. WHAT!!? I did not even know this was a THING in my 30’s. And then I get to figure out how to keep consistently exercising while recovering from those injuries (this is not only possible but important to do).
  8. #1 goal: Be able to eat more without gaining weight. Being able to eat more without gaining weight means that you don’t struggle as much to maintain weight, AND I have more fudge room to deal with the emotional ups and downs of life that might lead me to eat extra stuff. #ithappens

What Type of Fitness & Workouts WORK for Women 40 and Up?

So what is the best exercise to do for women over 40?

I started asking this question because….as hit 39, what I was doing was no longer serving me well.

What I have to say may be surprising, and your first thought may be a feeling of resistance. But stick with me – I’m just another gal like you who wants to be healthy and relatively fit in my 40’s and beyond. What I have to say about this is really important!

There are likely some advantages and benefits to all the various types of exercise. But….

what I’ve found to make the most difference in:

  • my metabolism
  • my physique
  • my ability to do other daily stuff – both fun (hiking) and not fun (carrying buckets, scrubbing the kitchen counter)


weight training. Lifting weights.

Specifically with dumbbells and resistance bands AT HOME.